Dr. Kathleen Reay is an internationally recognized expert in high conflict divorce, parental alienation, parent-child estrangement,  and child emotional abuse and related trauma.  She is available as an expert witness. Dr. Reay consults worldwide with parents, grandparents, adult-children of divorce, other family members, legal professionals and mental health professionals by telephone or internet (typicallyDr. Kathleen Reay, Parental Alienation Expert and Consultant Skype) besides conducting consultations in person. These types of consultations are suitable for parents and grandparents who seek Dr. Reay’s assistance. In some circumstances, Dr. Reay may need to review documents (such as evaluation reports) prior to or during the telephone or internet consultation. Some clients prefer to schedule two consultations to allow enough time for Dr. Reay to review documents followed by discussion of materials reviewed.

Telephone and internet consultations provides parents the special opportunity to obtain individual, personal guidance, support and insight from Dr. Reay about their family situation. Where there is a concern about children (young or adult) who are alienated or at risk of becoming alienated from a parent or grandparent, Dr. Reay will offer her understanding of the situation and about how best to proceed to build or restore positive parent-child relationships. For parents involved in custody or access disputes, Dr. Reay will suggest strategies to assist the parent in helping the court understand the relevant issues and remedies available.

Please note that these types of consultations are only suitable for individuals interested in consulting on high-conflict divorce, parental alienation, parental alienation syndrome or parent-child estrangement issues. Telephone and internet consultations are not a form of counselling or psychotherapy. This type of service is also not covered by extended medical or insurance carriers.

The time slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis dependent on Dr. Reay’s caseload at the time. Payment is required first. Then you may choose and confirm your appointment time on Dr. Reay’s online scheduling system. Fees are payable by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. All fees are in Canadian dollars plus 5% GST (Goods & Services Tax). For members of alienated families (non-professionals), the initial 1-hour consultation is discounted to $160.00.  Further consultative services are charged at $225.00 per hour or per retainer based agreements. For mental health and legal professionals, the fee is $225.00 per hour for clinical supervision or consultative services.

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